About the Website Migration

The following steps need to be taken in ABC’s production environment, using DotNetNuke (a commercially available, scalable solution, featuring an integrated content management system [CMS] that allows for growth and customizations including customizations with Personify).

For a successful rollout, chapters will go through the following plan over an approximate 90 day period.
  1. Requirements Gathering
    • Template selection
      1. Template A as seen on ABC Metro Washington- NEW!
      2. Template B as seen on ABC Central Ohio - NEW!
  2. Taxonomy (menu items, page headers, etc.)
  3. Content Assessment
  4. Identify Functionality required
    • Blogging functionality (already integrated and available for each chapter)
    • Photo Galleries (already integrated and available for each chapter)
    • Calendar of Events including online payments (already integrated and available for each chapter)
    • Forms (already integrated and available for each chapter)
    • ABC Project Map
    • Construction Business Network (utilizes LinkedIn)
    • Other (generally these are phase 2 implementations that are not integrated or implementations that will occur when Personify is connected)
  5. Design/Development
    • Chapters are trained in conjunction with their content migration.
    • As chapters progress and understand the basic concepts, we add new responsibilities and additional training
  6. Chapters and National IT staff tests the functionality of the website and does a final check of the content.
  7. Search Engine Optimization
  8. Launch Site
If you're interested in getting the new site, contact Danielle Lambert at National via email to get on the list.
Chapter Status
*West Tennessee 90% complete
*Delaware 75% complete
*South Texas  Started
*Western Pennsylvania Started
*Northern Ohio Starting soon
*Alaska Starting soon
*Florida First Coast  Starting soon
*Northern California  On hold 
 Pelican On hold

*Chapter is already on DNN, but currently migrating to the new mobile friendly templates.

Chapters Waiting to Migrate:

*We are now accepting chapters who wish to migrate over to one of our new mobile friendly templates. 

The waiting list is a first come, first served list. If your chapter is not on the list and you want to guarantee your spot and move up the list, please contact Jen Huber.

Chapters Migrating with National
  1. *Minnesota/North Dakota
  2. *Central California
  3. Massachusetts - Merit Apprenticeship Program (MAP)
  4. *Rocky Mountain
  5. *New Orleans/Bayou
  6. *Cumberland Valley
  7. *West Virginia

*Chapter is already on DNN, but waiting to migrate to the new mobile friendly templates.
Migration to DNN 

This rollout time-table is dependent on 1 Chapter Staff member continually working on the project. In some cases Chapters have decided to hire an intern or an outside consultant to expedite the process.

Migration to a Mobile Friendly Template



Time to Completion

  • Template Selection: A (Economic) or B (Porto)
  • Color Scheme
  • Boxed or Stretched Width
  • Menu Style
  • Update Logo (if necessary)
 1 to 2 weeks
  • Chapter will redesign the home page, with the assistance of a National staff member
  • Redesign all banners to fit the width of the new template
  • If necessary, redesign individual pages with special functionality
 1 to 3 weeks
 Flip Templates
National and/or Chapter will flip the chapter.  This should be done in one sitting.  To speed the process, a chapter staff may be trained to flip the templates.
One page at a time: 
  • Change the default page skin & container
  • Move modules into correct pane
  • Update containers
  • Update style headers
 1 - 2 days
Chapter staff should go through their entire website and test both style and functionality across different browsers.  The website should also be tested on a tablet and a mobile device.

 1 - 2 days

Chapter Mobile-Friendly Status Website
ABC of California   Launched www.abcofca.org
ABC of Michigan    Launched  www.abcmi.org 
ABC of Louisiana     Launched   www.abclouisiana.org
Alabama    Launched  www.abc-alabama.org
Alaska   Launched www.abcalaska.org
Arkansas   Launched www.abcark.org
Carolinas   Launched www.abccarolinas.org
Central California    Launched www.abccentralcal.org
Central California Training Academy  Yes  Launched  http://academy.abccentralcal.org/ 
Central Ohio Yes Launched www.centralohioabc.org 
Central Pennsylvania Yes  Launched www.abccentralpa.org
Central Texas Yes Launched www.abccentraltexas.org
Chesapeake Shores Yes  Launched  www.abc-chesapeake.org
Connecticut  Yes Launched www.ctabc.org
Cornhusker Yes Launched www.abcnebraska.org
Cumberland Valley Yesabcga  Launched www.abccvc.com
Delaware   Launched www.abcdelaware.com
East Pennsylvania
Yes Launched  www.abceastpa.org 
East Pennsylvania Apprenticeship Trust Yes Launched  http://paconstructionapprentice.org
Empire State Yes Launched www.abcnys.org
Florida First Coast   Launched www.abcjax.com
Florida Gulf Coast Yes  Launched www.abcflgulf.org
Georgia   Launched www.abcga.org
Greater Michigan
Yes Launched www.abcgmc.org
Greater Michigan Construction Academy
Yes Launched  www.gmcacademy.org 
Greater Tennessee Yes Launched www.abctennessee.com 
Hawaii   Launched www.abchawaii.org
Heart of America Yes Launched
Illinois  Yes Launched www.abcil.org
Inland Pacific Yes  Launched www.ipcabc.org
Iowa Yes Launched www.abciowa.org
Iowa - Apprenticeship & Trust Yes Launched www.abciowatrust.org
Los Angeles/Ventura Yes Launched www.abclaventura.org
Maine   Launched www.abcmaine.org
Massachusetts - Gould Construction Institute Yes Launched www.gwgci.org
Metro Washington Yes Launched www.abcmetrowashington.org
Minnesota/North Dakota   Launched www.mnabc.com
Mississippi Yes Launched www.abcmississippi.org
Nevada   Launched www.abcnevada.org
New Jersey Yes Launched www.abcnjc.org
New Mexico   Launched www.abcnm.org
New Orleans/Bayou
  Launched  www.abcbayou.com 
North Alabama Yes  Launched www.abcnalabama.org
Northern California   Launched www.abcnorcal.org
Nothern Ohio Yes  Launched www.nocabc.com
Pacific Northwest Yes  Launched www.abcpnw.org
Rhode Island Yes Launched www.abcri.org 
Rhode Island Construction Training Academy
Yes Launched  www.ricta.org
Rocky Mountain   Launched www.abcrmc.org
South Texas   Launched
Southeastern Michigan Yes Launched www.abcsemi.org
Southern California Yes  Launched www.abcsocal.org
Texas Coastal Bend
Yes Launched www.abctcb.org
Texas Mid Coast
Yes Launched www.abctxmidcoast.org
Texas Gulf Coast Yes Launched www.abctxgulfcoast.org
Utah   Launched www.abcutah.org
Virginia Yes  Launched www.abcva.org
Western Pennsylvania Yes  Launched www.abcwpa.org
Western Washington Yes  Launched www.abcwestwa.org
West Virginia   Launched www.abcwv.org
Wisconsin Yes Launched www.abcwi.org