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ABC Friendly URL Training Webinar

ABC Friendly URL Training Webinar

The following webinar was recorded on Thursday, March 24, 2016 and covers the new ABC Friendly URL module including Q and A. This training video will teach you how to:

  • Install and enable the module for your website.
  • Add and edit friendly URLs
  • Module navigation.
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ABC Friendly URL Module Documentation

ABC Friendly URL Module

What is this module?

The ABC Friendly URL Module, allows you to create shortened URLs for your site, which can be used for general ease of use and remembrance to marketing initiatives. For example:

Let's say you have a really long URL that you want to share, such as:

Just looking at this URL, it is:

1. Hard to remember,

2. hard to type

3. and hard to find.

You'll definitely want to create a friendly URL before sending this out or placing it on marketing material. So, you zip on over to the Friendly URL module and create the following link:

This URL fixes the three usability criteria above.

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January 2016 AMS Update

During the time since I last emailed you a number of activities have taken place, least of all was the November board breakout on IT and that we are focusing on a multi-tiered approach to the AMS (Association Management System.) Following the board meeting, a number of events took place in support of the budget passed by the board. Personify rollouts ended and therefore the IT department underwent a reorganization. In December, IT moved under the direction of Jen Huber.  Her new title is Senior Director of Chapter Relations and Information Management.  Also in December, Mary Schroer came on as a full-time contract consultant to support our AMS initiatives.  

We have been eagerly moving forward having several team meetings with Mary Schroer creating a work plan and scope for the next steps of ABC’s AMS. That process is underway, as is an upgrade to the Access database that will be unveiled this summer. We are also starting a list of features that will be added to bring more functionality and to collect more key data. Some of these new features will come in the first phase, and some in a second phase that will follow shortly thereafter also include web-enabled capabilities. 

In other activities, the new online membership directory Find Contractors has been delayed based on some external issues that are not IT related. Prior to going live, we will be asking the chapters to test the new system.  

What is Find Contractors?
  • The new ‘Find Contractors’ is a dynamic online national membership directory  
  • Will be rolled out in multiple phases
What will be included in Phase 1?
  • Type of Company (NAICS Codes)        
  • Scope of Work (CSI Codes)
  • Location (State, zip code)·        
  • Chapter        
  • Category (volume description)         
  • Designations (MBE, WBE, 8(a) Business, etc.) ·        
  • STEP member participants  ·        
  • Drug- and alcohol free pledge members        
  • Company Name
ABC National continues to support many chapters in the following areas:
  • Support for AMS services: Access; Personify; bridge building to third party systems – Weblink and DRG
  • Web hosting and support for 58 chapter, state and apprenticeship trust websites on the national templates. This is in addition to hosting and support ABC National’s main and micro websites.
  • Emailing hosting for 17 chapters in addition to ABC National’s email.  
Going forward you will get regular updates on progress on IT initiatives.  If you have questions regarding any of the IT services please contact me or Jen Huber

Doug Curtis, CAE
VP, Chapter Services, ABC
440 First Street NW, Suite 200
Washington, DC  20001
(O) 202-595-1845
(C) 571-220-1636

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November 2015 AMS Update

At the November 10 national board of directors meeting, the 2016 budget was approved and will continue to support chapters using Personify and Access as their database. Chapters not using either of these systems can pursue what system they deem appropriate for their business operations provided they remit the required data to ABC National. ABC National is actively exploring how user interface enhancements can improve usability and success for chapters via: Personify directly, web templates, Access templates and bridges from other systems. For more information about the database options, please contact Jen HuberRead the rest of entry »

October 2015 AMS Update

Thank you again for responding to and completing the survey on services for technology and the 401(k) program last month. It provided a good picture as to needs and direction, and coupled with the research we have done through visits and phone calls, provided valuable decision-making data.   

As I wrote to you on August 14th, we are continuing to look at solutions to improve the national database system. Recently, Jason Daisey and I met with Mary Schroer, who has continued to provide support for the access components we still use, and who has a tremendous depth of knowledge on the unique data needs of chapters'. With Mary’s involvement we will be exploring new options for a user interface for chapters with the database to will improve the efficiency, the experience for chapter staff users and to address the needs for more customization. We have scheduled an in depth day-long planning meeting of key staff members of the IT and Chapter Services teams that will include Mary for October 14th and sometime thereafter we will be able to report more concrete plans to take the association’s database forward providing those solutions.   

I know that many of you are looking at a variety options for your database needs. Knowing that many of you are in the midst of discussions with vendors we will work quickly to  provide more information later this month. We will continue to provide Access support and there should be no immediate need to leave that system immediately. 

Thank you.
Doug Curtis, CAE
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Tutorial: How to Recover Deleted Emails

In this tutorial, you will learn how to recover deleted emails that were emptied from the Outlook Deleted Items bin.

***This option will NOT work for all deleted emails.  There may be a chance where you will not be able to restore deleted emails using this method.  This is a tutorial for Outlook 2010 version.

If you have followed this guide and still require assistance, please submit a support ticket at

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Tutorial: How to Set Out of Office Replies via Webmail

In this tutorial, you will learn how to set an Out of Office automatic reply within the Webmail portal.  This can be done in any web browser in any location with internet access.

If you follow this guide and still experience issue, please submit a ticket at

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Tutorial: How to Turn off UAC in Windows

In this tutorial, you will learn how to turn off UAC (User Account Control).  UAC can be a form of prevention against malicious files and programs attempting to run on your computer, however, it may also block you from accessing certain programs that you may deem as safe.

If you have attempted to follow this guide and still require assistance, please contact IT by submitting a support request at

***Please be aware that the pathway to turn of UAC may differ depending on your version of Microsoft Windows.  This tutorial is for Windows 7 and users with Local Administrator rights.  Also, depending on your domain settings, you may not be able to change these settings.  Please consult with your IT Administrator before making any changes.

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Showcase your ABC staff, members, benefits, and more with the Image Flip Wall

The Flip Wall, as seen on the ABC Member Discounts page, is a simple and useful module that can be used to showcase your ABC staff, benefits, members, sponsors, featured events and more.

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