In this tutorial, you will learn how to turn off UAC (User Account Control).  UAC can be a form of prevention against malicious files and programs attempting to run on your computer, however, it may also block you from accessing certain programs that you may deem as safe.

If you have attempted to follow this guide and still require assistance, please contact IT by submitting a support request at

***Please be aware that the pathway to turn of UAC may differ depending on your version of Microsoft Windows.  This tutorial is for Windows 7 and users with Local Administrator rights.  Also, depending on your domain settings, you may not be able to change these settings.  Please consult with your IT Administrator before making any changes.

1.  First, click on the start button and click on Control Panel.


2.  Within the Control Panel, make sure to change the View by: setting in the upper right corner to either Small icons or Large icons.


3.  Locate and click on User Accounts.  This may be in a different column depending on your resolution.


  Next, click on Change User Account Control settings.


5.  In order to turn off UAC completely, you will want to slide the bar to the bottom.  Once the change has been done, click on OK and then Restart the computer.  The change will only take place after a restart has been completed.