In this tutorial, you will learn how to set an Out of Office automatic reply within the Webmail portal.  This can be done in any web browser in any location with internet access.

If you follow this guide and still experience issue, please submit a ticket at

1.  Login to the Webmail portal with your email account.  If you require a guide on how to access your Webmail account, please
     see the following guide:  Tutorial: How to Access Webmail

2.  Next, in the upper right corner of the web page, find and click the Options drop down menu.


From the drop down menu, click on Set Automatic Replies...


Then, make sure to select the Send automatic replies radial button to turn on the Out of Office replies.  You may chose to
     select a certain time period for the message or you can just leave the message on indefinitely.  Also, be aware that you may
     want to set the automatic replies for all external people.  This option is at the bottom of the page and requires you to either
     copy and paste a message into the text field or create a new message.